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Hello everyone, this is just a quick update to let you know about our Group icon, which we changed about a month ago. It's based on a magnificent Deviation by one of our members, Coscomomo. He has made some amazing flying whales on different Deviations and I definitely recommend checking out his Gallery.

Breaching through by Coscomomo
Breaching through perspectives by Coscomomo

This piece is especially interesting, because you can flip it to the side and it looks like the whale jumps out of the water instead of flying through the clouds.

Our previous logo Logo for Flying-Cetaceans group by Jakeukalane was a nice animation by our admin extraordinaire Jakeukalane. All our previous and potential logos are collected in our Favourites :+fav:, which I try to expand every time I see a flying whale Deviation with a Creative Commons license.

Breaching through by Coscomomo

Let us know what you think!

Hello Group!

Time for our very first Blog entry. To those new to our Group, welcome! We hope to continue the work of the now inactive Group :iconsave-the-sky-whales: with even more majestic water creatures in the sky!

For those of you who know of our sister Group :iconflying-islands-here:, you might know that I try to look out for new stuff coming out regarding the topic of the Group. Similarly, I will tell you about two new things that I have found regarding this Group.

First off, now that everyone has presumably watched the new Star Wars movie, there's still Star Wars content going on. The successor of the CGI series Star Wars:The Clone Wars is called Star Wars:Rebels and plays just before the original trilogy. It's more of a kids thing for sure, but maybe some people will find it interesting.
Anyway, in season 2, episode 14, "The Call", there are whale-like creatures roaming the space and they play a major role in the episode.

Second, we have a superb webcomic by Dave Kellett called Drive, with a serious science fiction plot and hilarious characters.
Recently, there have been some guest miniseries in the same universe, one of which is called "Cute Things". It differs in style, plot and humour from the original main story because it's not Dave Kellett himself creating it, but there are flying whales. See for yourself:

Click here to read the whole miniseries of the webcomic.

OK, that was the news I had to share for this time. I hope you liked reading it.
Happy submitting! If you have any questions regarding our Group, let us know, we're here for you.


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